EntreMD Live 2024
The 7+ Figure Physician Entrepreneur

The No. 1 conference for physicians who want to build 6- and 7+ figure businesses.










June 29, 2024

EntreMD Live 2024 is a virtual conference featuring an exclusive
in-person, live audience experience available to a limited number of physicians.

Atlanta, GA


Are you a physician struggling to grow your business sustainably?

  • Do you have trouble finding and attracting the right clients and patients?
  • Are you afraid of failure but also subconsciously afraid of success?
  • Are you terrified of growth because you don't have the right team to handle it?
  • Are you frustrated by your team because they have the credentials but they "just don't get it?
  • Is your business growing but now your service delivery is falling apart?
  • Have you given up on enjoying the journey because you don't think your dream life and dream business can co-exist?

Let's Create a Customized Blueprint for Your 7+ Figure Business!

You have a great service, you want to have a huge impact and you have the work ethic to match. All you are missing is an actual roadmap.

You have been sold the lie that you are a one trick pony - good at medicine but nothing else. You learned medicine, complex as it is. You can learn to build business systems too.

You have given up on spending time with your family and friends because you are building your business. As a physician, you had to figure out spinal taps, intubations, and codes. I can show you how to build your dream business AND dream life at the same time! 


You simply need a blueprint and the right tools!


EntreMD Live 2024

This live, one-day, virtual and in-person conference is for doctors who are working to grow their businesses but feel like they’ve hit a dead end.

In one day, we will help you identify and break down the barriers that are holding you back from success. 

Whether it’s mindset or education on the latest marketing, sales and team building strategies, we are going to help you take your business to the next level.


What you'll learn at EntreMD Live 2024

  1. What is working in 2024.
  2. The blueprint for crushing your 2024 business goals.
  3. How to attract all the clients and patients you want.
  4. How to make your business a household name.
  5. How to build a team of rockstars that will make your vision a reality.
  6. How to build your dream life and dream business concurrently.

Choose Your Experience

PLEASE NOTE: Your live audience ticket fee covers your admission to the live audience and does not include any accommodation or travel expenses.

Live Audience Experience


Early Bird Pricing

  • $997 General Admission Ticket
  • Admission to all main-stage EntreMD Live events as a member of the live audience.

Virtual Experience


  • Access to the entire EntreMD Live 2024 virtual conference from the comfort of your home, coffee shop or conference room.
  • Registration Open!


Discover how the ultra-successful think, and get practical steps to develop the same mindset. 


Learn the timeless strategies that are used to build profitable businesses. You will leave with a custom blueprint you can start implementing right away.


Amplify your brand's visibility and accelerate your business growth by increasing your network.


At the end of this conference, you’ll have the strategies and tools needed to:

  • Create sustainable growth for your business and still maintain a good work-life balance.
  • Better understand the strategies available for maximum growth.
  • Take immediate steps for quick wins that positively impact your bottom line. 


EntreMD Founder & CEO

Dr. Nneka Unachukwu is a board-certified pediatrician, serial entrepreneur, speaker, podcaster, and bestselling author of the EntreMD Method.

She is the founder of EntreMD, a company designed to help doctors build profitable businesses so they can live life and practice medicine on their terms. She does this through the EntreMD Podcast, EntreMD Live events, and the EntreMD Business School. 

As the CEO of two 7-figure companies, her passion is simplifying the path of entrepreneurship for physicians so she can help 100,000 physicians do the same. She is a regular contributor to Forbes and a member of the Forbes Business Council.



"I opened my practice in 2023 and joined the EntreMD Business School in June of 2023. Here are a few wins from my first year. First, I started with zero patients. From Q3, when I joined EBS, to Q4 I ended up tripling my revenue. Second, I’m slowly building a team as a brand new practice starting from scratch. I have a front desk office person, a biller, a social media consultant and a virtual assistant who runs my social media. Building this team has been a huge thing for me." 

Dr. Ritha Belizaire

Colorectal Surgeon, TX

“When I started EBS, I was in family medicine and a partner in a private practice. At the time, I wasn’t intending to start my own practice. I just wanted to understand business more. Within EBS there was a very clear structure and I started reaching out to referral sources and getting on podcasts. I decided to become known for what I was doing in obesity medicine. I was always scared of being a speaker and didn’t want to be on video at all but very quickly, I established myself as an expert. WebMD and Medscape reached out to me to record videos and spoke at the national conference. Within a years time, I became known for what I do in obesity medicine. By the end of the year, I started thinking, I think I’m going to launch my own practice. I launched my practice fully booked and within 2 weeks of opening the practice, I had to hire another provider. I would never have thought a year and a half ago, this is where I would be. The impact I’m having in my community is incredible and I never would have been able to do any of this without EBS; the structure and the support.”


Leslie Golden

CEO & Founder Weight in Gold

“My greatest challenge before EntreMD was getting out of my own way and also streamlining my ideas and honing my message. I learned to identify my ideal client, how to convert my ideas into revenue-generating activities, and how to set goals. I felt like I finally had a road map to success and guardrails to keep me on track. Most importantly, I felt like I had a safety net of support and accountability when stepping out of my comfort zone. What would have kept me awake at night before, I now do without hesitation. My confidence and comfort levels have painlessly grown. I am amazed by my transformation and how seamless it felt – not just for my business, but for my family as well. I have more income which has given me financial independence. I went to check my numbers and my patient volume has increased by 467% and revenue has increased by 613%. My daughters have watched me build a business from the ground up and have become entrepreneurial-minded themselves; I have more control of my time and have more of it; My stress level has dropped which has had a wonderful effect on my marriage… too much good to list.”

Dr. Catherine Toomer

Family Medicine Physician, SC

“I am a family medicine physician, national media expert contributor and model. I have been a part of EntreMD for 1 year now. I take pride in being part of this tribe. Before EntreMD, I felt hopeless. I was in the second year of attending-hood in this rat race that I didn’t see any way out of. A race that seemed like it would end in burn out, moral injury, and being unfulfilled without any financial or time freedom. Now, I have hope. I have action steps to achieve what I want and my results are proportional to the work that I put in. I was able to negotiate a 4 day work week and other benefits. I have built my personal brand so I am now in control of my career. Dr. Una has given us skills, strategy and direction. Plus the tribe around me… it’s wonderful to have colleagues who feel like me and have similar experiences. We have victories and share our lives together.”

Dr. Barbara Joy Jones-Parks

Family Medicine Physician, GA

“I contacted Dr. Una at the beginning of the pandemic as I needed to make my brand new practice work. See, I moved to a new office on March 1 and by March 13, we had to close the doors! I didn’t know what to do but I knew that I didn’t want to be in the statistics of failing. I’m an athlete so I know the importance of good coaching so I thought…I need a good business coach! Working with Dr. Una, I had my best month EVER when we were able to open six weeks later. By May, I did almost three times my best month! I am beyond excited and now setting new goals! I hired some new staff and I just feel great. I also have more time and energy for my kids and husband. The rest of your best life is on the other side of saying yes.”

Dr. Jennifer Breedlove

Dermatologist, OH
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