The EntreMD Business School


The only school of its kind that helps physicians become thriving entrepreneurs who make money, have impact and have time for the things that matter. 


 Does this sound like you?


  • You love being a physician but lately you feel less than fulfilled. You’re itching to do something new.
  • You want to start a business...but you have no idea where to start. Should you buy a domain name and a WordPress theme? Or hire a designer to create a logo? It’s just so overwhelming.
  • Or you’re in private practice...but you’re tired of struggling and striving for exposure. Because you’re just not getting new patients.
  • Or maybe you have a blog, podcast, or thriving Facebook community you just haven’t been able to monetize. It’s a secret you just can’t seem to unlock.
  • Your business is ready for the next level but you can't seem to get it there in spite of your best efforts. You wish you knew the next steps to take.


In’re dying to be a doctor and an entrepreneur.


I call it being an EntreMD.

This school is what you need whether you want to develop your:


  • Personal brand as an employed physician 

  • Private practice

  • Coaching Practice

  • Product line or new service 

  • Blog, vlog or podcast


What my students have to say...


Rashmi Schramm, MD—Family Physician,  founder of Optimal  Wellness MD


Do you find your inner critic saying...



"I have so many ideas but can any of them be a real business?"



"I’ve started a business but I’m having the hardest time getting clients."



"I am too nervous, introverted and afraid of putting myself out there."



"What I am doing? I'm a doctor not an entrepreneur!"



"Maybe the success I've had was luck and I can't build my business any bigger."


The EntreMD Business School Was Created For You


I created the EntreMD Business School for the physician who wants to build a business that not only helps a lot of people but also creates financial freedom.

Imagine just one year from now:

  • The sense of pride you will feel, reading the MANY testimonials from the patients and clients you served.
  • You built a business that allows you to spend more time with your family and friends.
  • The sense of security you will have because you have more control of your financial future.
  • You would have taken back control of your career and have the autonomy you deserve.


You might be thinking, that sounds great Dr. Una, but this is just a pipe dream.


I'm here to tell you that this reality is available to you.

How do I know?

Because this is my reality, I've helped many other doctors achieve it and you can be next.


You need a roadmap.

You need accountability.

You need a supportive community.

And that is exactly what EntreMD Business School is for.

  The EntreMD Business School will walk you through my proven 4-stage framework to build a profitable business. 


What you will get:

  1. Weekly live group coaching sessions ($25,000 value)
  2. Access to the EBS Resource Library ($10000)
  3. 12 Business Acceleration Group Challenges ($12,000) 
  4. Small group masterminds ($7000)
  5. Eligibility to attend the EBS Vision Retreat in person ($3000)*
  6. Eligibility to attend the EBS Business Makeover Mastermind in person ($3000)* 
  7. Private Facebook Community PRICELESS 

*The cost to attend the in-person events is separate.

Total value over $60,000



What my students have to say...


Alicia Shelly, MD—Internist, Podcaster and Founder of Healthy Living LLC.

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The 4 Stages of a Profitable Business


The EntreMD Business School is based on my proven 4-stage framework that I used to grow my wildly successful business.

It is the same framework I used to build up multiple other businesses and the same framework I use with my one on one coaching clients.

Stage 1 Master your message: This will ensure that when you speak, the people that need your services and would love to work with you are drawn to you.

Stage 2 Create your platform: You will learn to leverage social media, email, and other methods of content creation to amplify your message so you become a highly sought-after brand.

Stage 3 Build your revenue stream: You will master the ability to take one idea and build it into a profitable venture that will jump-start your journey to financial freedom and fund your next venture.

Stage 4 Create systems: You will discover how to create systems so you can work less, help more people, and earn more.

More from my students...


Dr. Catherine

What would have kept me awake at night before, I now do without hesitation. My confidence and comfort levels have painlessly grown. I am amazed by my transformation and how seamless it felt - not just for my business, but for my family as well. I have more income which has given me financial independence; My daughters have watched me build a business from the ground up and have become entrepreneurial mined themselves; I have more control of my time time and have more of it; My stress level has dropped which has had a wonderful affect on my marriage...too much good to list. But what I am most grateful for, is having the wherewithal to pivot from brick and mortar to digital services without losing income and without losing quality in my services when COVID-19 hit.

Dr. Jennifer

I had my best month EVER, making THREE times more than I ever have. I nearly fell over when I did the math. I am beyond excited and now setting new goals! I am thinking that there is nothing I can't do. That I look at problems now as puzzles that need to be put together. I am back running, doing yoga and organizing. I hired some new staff and I just feel great. I also have more time and energy for my kids and I come to them with intention. I set boundaries for myself and I plan time for everything (me, my husband and children, and my staff!)


What my students have to say...


Tolulope Olabintan, MD—Family Medicine Physician and Founder & CEO of Livingspring Family Medical Center


A Note From Dr. Una...



I’m a pediatrician and have been the CEO of Ivy League Pediatrics for the last ten years.

I started off as a very shy, introverted introvert who had a severe case of imposter syndrome. Entrepreneurship was HARD.

After a few years, I decided to go all in and develop the skills needed to thrive as an entrepreneur and everything changed. EVERYTHING.

I built my 7-figure practice to function without me and now I work 1-2 days per week.

The pain and struggle I experienced during my early years as an entrepreneur created a new passion for me. The passion to help other doctors just like me.

📌Doctors who are great clinicians and love what they do but know there is more.

📌They want to start a business but have no experience and don’t know where to start from.

📌They have started businesses but can’t make it profitable enough to fund their dreams.

I created the EntreMD Business school for physician entrepreneurs to fast-track their way to building profitable businesses so they can live life and practice medicine on their own terms.

I invite you to join me at the EntreMD Business School.

I'm rooting for you!


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