Welcome to EBS Advance

A 6-month self-paced program teaching you the mindset, habits, and strategies required to build a 7+ figure business.


Many physicians have been sold a lie that they can’t build great businesses.


Doctors in the EntreMD Business School have unsubscribed from that lie, we call ourselves the 1%ers.

You have the capacity to learn, you know how to serve people at the highest levels, you have a very strong work ethic and you have big dreams.


...there are a few things missing.

The wildly successful entrepreneurs have certain:

  • Mindsets
  • Habits
  • Strategies

And if you can add these three to what you already have, everything will change.

You will join the ranks of physicians building the most innovative, most impactful, and most profitable businesses. 

There are 1 million physicians in the U.S., and most of them don’t have access to the business education that we need to thrive in the current healthcare climate. 

This is why I built EntreMD Advance, a tier of the business school for every physician regardless of their stage of business.


“I went from literally having a few people who were interested in my coding business to having six full practices that we work with. We've gone from developing a podcast that seriously had two people listening to it, to now I get 1200 a month that are listening and downloading our podcast. And that was in 90 days. I'm putting myself out there for a whole bunch of things that I wouldn't have done before. The community within EBS makes you realize I actually am really good at this and I can kick butt. I actually won the top 25 Emerging Leaders by Modern Healthcare. Our opportunities are now limitless. People starting to reach out from the podcast and these are big practices. It's just blowing my mind. This has all happened in the last 90 days; I can't even imagine what a year from now is going to look like. I think everybody has had that moment of apprehension about investing in themselves, but this has been the best decision,  and we will have our investment in that made up within one quarter.”

–Dr. Heather Signorelli

“In the 2 months between leaving my employed position and opening my private practice, I built a wait list of 350 people. I opened the practice with 270 patients booked already. And it's never slowed down.”

–Dr. Karen Kaufman, MD

“In 90 days, I became the go-to women's health expert in my area of central California. When Covid was happening, when Roe v. Wade was happening, I was the person all the news channels were calling.”

–Dr. Carolina Sueldo, MD


Introducing EBS Advance

An online business school specially for physicians who need proven business education on their own time–but with the accountability necessary for momentum. 


In EBS Advance, you will get:

  • Quality business lessons designed for physicians
  • Proven education that’s already served and shaped more than 250 physicians
  • 90-Day Sprint Plan Workshop Access
  • 5 Days to Your Best Year Workshop
  • Million-Dollar Entrepreneur course
  • Monthly guest sessions with successful physician entrepreneurs
  • Weekly accountability texts to keep you on track and the momentum going
  • Monthly virtual networking events


The Million Dollar Entrepreneur Course:

Million Dollar Entrepreneur - The Failure Reaction

Million Dollar Entrepreneur - Time Management Strategies 

Million Dollar Entrepreneur - Success Path 

Million Dollar Entrepreneur - Revenue Generation Framework 

Million Dollar Entrepreneur - Team 

Million Dollar Entrepreneur - Processes 

Million Dollar Entrepreneur - Networking 

Million Dollar Entrepreneur - Life on your terms 

Million Dollar Entrepreneur - Habits 

Million Dollar Entrepreneur - Mindset 


The results speak for themselves. On the inside, you’ll see the examples of what is possible (you can forget the myth that “physicians aren’t good at building businesses”). The students in EBS Advance love the framework and accountability that takes them from knowing what to do to actually doing it.






I’m a pediatrician and have been the CEO of Ivy League Pediatrics for the past 10 years.

I started off as a very shy, introverted introvert who had a severe case of imposter syndrome. Entrepreneurship was HARD.

After a few years, I decided to go all in and develop the skills needed to thrive as an entrepreneur and everything changed. EVERYTHING.

I built my 7-figure practice to function without me, and recently went on a 15-month sabbatical, during which the business actually grew.

The pain and struggle I experienced during my early years as an entrepreneur created a new passion for me: the passion to help other doctors just like me.

📌 Doctors who want to put an end to their long work weeks by creating financial freedom with a 7-figure business success.

📌 Doctors whose businesses offer top-notch services or products and just need the world to know it!

📌 Doctors whose businesses need to be recognized as the leading authority AND GET PAID LIKE IT.

I created the EntreMD Business school for physician entrepreneurs to fast-track their way to building profitable businesses so they can live life and practice medicine on their own terms.

In addition to founding EntreMD, I am the host of The EntreMD Podcast, a regular contributor to Forbes, and a best-selling author. EntreMD is a 7-figure business and ranked 29th in the Inc. Regionals list of fastest growing companies in the Southeast region.

I invite you to join me at the EntreMD Business School.

I'm rooting for you!

Dr. Una


The landscape is changing so radically in medicine and not in a way that favors you, a physician.

Private practices are going out of business by the hundreds, burnout is at an all-time high, we no longer have autonomy, and financial security is a thing of the past. YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO WAIT!


This is a $10,000 program but as a founding member, you get a $6,500 discount. It’s an opportunity you don’t want to pass up at a price that is unbeatable. Start now and get so much value for so much less–and get an edge on this shift in the physician landscape!




Benefits of EBS Advance

  • Specially designed for physicians
  • Proven education that’s already served and shaped more than 250 physicians
  • Examples of what is possible (yes, physicians are more than capable of building successful businesses!)
  • Online to do on your own time
  • Weekly accountability texts to keep you on track and the momentum going
  • 90-Day Sprint Plan Workshop access
  • Million-Dollar Entrepreneur Course access
  • Monthly guest sessions with successful physician entrepreneurs
  • Monthly virtual networking events
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